We will review some of the kit components and options that are available in the Saberwing line of aircraft.   First, the basic composite kits options and then other options that are available now and soon to come.

The Complete Kit as picture above contains the parts plus the hardware to complete a Standard Saberwing kit with limited options.  The kit shown has the optional wheel pants and motor mount for an Aeromomentum 1.5 engine.  When you order your kit you will need to decide on some of the options ahead of time.  Some parts such as the engine mount bolt to the same location so can be changed later if need be.  Spars are all prebuilt and sealed on the inside.  The bulkheads and ribs shown above are optional CNC'd parts.  Normally they are customer cut out of provided coreboard material.   Composites material to begin to assemble the kit is provided in the Horizontal Kit delivery or shipped with entire kit.  The header tank shown is a 8 gallon version.   Wing tanks are installed according to builder desires as a wet wing. Fast Build Options are coming soon as well.(Note: Not all parts will be seen in photos)


Horizontal Kit and Hardware - comes with Composites Starter Kit

Normally we ship out this section of the kit first since you can build this on a 4x8 table with minimal tools.   Included in the kit are your e-manual, tips and tools information, composite starter kit, T-Shirts, Starter Projects and more.   This will get you going and learning how a Saberwing goes together.  Once you have this made the rest of the plane will be easier to understand and not seem so complicated.  Expect to spend 50 hours in building this - result may vary.   Available in Standard or XF (Heavier laminates for XF Fuselage) versions.


Fuselage Kit and Hardware


Saberwing Wing Kit

Currently the Saberwing Fuselage can be set up in these configurations:

#1:  Standard Fuselage (SF) -  This has basic layups and core placement suitable for a Tricycle Gear or Taildragger Saberwing.     

#2:  Tricycle Fuselage (TF) -  Basically same as the Standard fuselage but with less layups and core in the tail section since the loads are different.  Saves a couple pounds in the tail.

#3:  XF Fuselage (XFF) - A Standard fuselage with more layups in the center section, firewall and longerons.  Turtledeck is modified slightly to allow for lowered canopy profile.   This fuselage is designed for higher powered engines and performance.


Saberwing Wing Kit

#1:  Standard Wing (SSW) - Shown above. Standard layups of 2C1 overall with 4 layers at leading edge.  Full length.  VNe of 200 mph.  Kit allows for various fuel tank size options.

#2:  XF Wing (XFW) - The XF wing is built up with more laminates and heavier leading edges.  Can be built in standard length (108" spars) or short (84" Spars).   The XF allow for higher wing loading and lower drag but will also have higher stall speed.  It will also allow for higher speeds and other modifications that a builder may want to impliment ... such as custom wingtips or tip extentions.  The longer wing will perform well at higher altitudes.



      Header Tank - Options are 8 gal, 10 gal, 12 gal or custom - ALUM

     Wheel Pants - for mains or Nose - w/hardware -  glass or carbon

     Panel - we can CNC your panel for your needs

     BRS - we can preinstall tubing for a BRS system into the fuse 

     Center Console -  a easy to assemble kit

     Engine Mounts - Corvair/Lycoming/Aeromomentum/more to come

      Control Stick options on request

      "FAST BUILD" Options -  Click HERE! 



The Horizontal kit can be shipped out via UPS but the other kit components have to be either picked up, shipped by freight or we can deliver in our trailer.   Cost of deliver will depend on the method and are not part of kit cost.  We normally have Horizontal kits ready to ship out within 30 days.  Because of the various options and changes in each kit we schedule a delivery time on a kit by kit basis according to needs and our ability at the time.   We will work with you to try to accomodate your build needs.