Azalea Aviation can provide many services for the aviation community.   As you can see from our products pages we provide engine and FWF components for a variety of aircraft as well as our own designs.   Some of our "other" services come into play after the purchasing of components and parts.  See if some of the services listed below are ones you can avail yourself to or call us to find out if we can help you.

Test Flying and Transition Training:  Because we provide engines and aircraft for people, we help in the final inspection and testing phase of aircraft development.   Once an airplane has been through its FAA inspection, we can provide this service to new builders.  Typically this consists of a day of inspection - to insure that the airplane is ready for first flights and to insure the location is adequate.   After the the inspection is complete, a flight plan is developed and first flight done.   Once the first flight is complete, we perform another inspection of the aircraft and make any minor changes that need to be done.   If the airplane is performing well and all systems are go, we perform flights with the owner as PIC and the test pilot as monitor to insure the new builder/pilot is  comfortable with his/her airplane.  Once the combination of pilot and plane are found to be safe and working well together, the test pilot can remove himself from the test phase.   Usually the test pilot will work through procedures, practices, emergencies, and a variety of other pilotage skills with the owner to aid his test phase success.

      The success and time it takes for one of these test periods is dependant on many variables such as the quality of the airplane and build, the  weather, the ability and proficiency of the builder/pilot, and how much information needs to be shared.  These typically take about two to three days to perform.   The cost is dependant on the variables above as well as location. 

    We are not particular about the specific aircraft or engine installation but have worked primarily with any of the corvair installations.   We reserve the right to refuse service once we have laid eyes on a particular project and see a safety issue.   Please feel free to call concerning this service.    

ENGINE BUILD WORKSHOP:  During the year we typically hold a couple of workshop times for engine builders.      Our Spyder Engine Workshops introduce people to the possiblities and potential of using a Spyder Corvair Conversion engine in an aircraft.   During our Workshop we build a shop / customer engine using our components and manuals.  Once the engine is complete we test run it on our dynamometer test stand.  We typically will have a couple corvair powered aircraft around to help teach maintenance and flight information.   For those interested in such an event please send us an email about your interests and what you would like to see.   It will be a paid event but very affordable.  A meal will be served during the day and possibly at night.   We plan to have core engines on hand for those who need them as well as parts for those who order ahead.  Let us know of your interest so we can plan.

MACHINE SHOP :   Our machine shop is capable of a lot of different services for our customers.   At times there are specific needs a customer may have for their particular installation.  If we have the capability or can provide some direction please give us a call.  Many of our machining services are seen in the product line we have.    We do a lot of R&D and prototyping of components in-house and then hire the work out to local shops for quantity.    Maybe you have an idea that needs some tweeking and design input that we can help you with, or perhaps you just need your heads us!

COMPOSITE SERVICES:    Due to our aircraft design work we have improved our composite abilities in-house to accomodate the variety of parts needed.  This past couple years we have focused the majority of our composite work on vaccum infusion using epoxy resins.   All of our aircraft parts for the Saberwing aircraft line are made out of E-glass and vacuum infusion using quality molds.   Because of our success in this avenue we have added the ability to work with certified aircraft companies such as Maule Air Inc. in the production of their composite parts.   A small part of what we do is to work with them and the FAA as partners in improving the quality and efficiency of the parts they need.   If you need quality parts made for your aircraft and are in need of the focused attention a small shop can give you, please contact us.  

Aircraft Build Center: We now have a facility for our future build center. As Saberwing aircraft sales improve and builders increase demands, our new location and talent will have to be in place to provide information and assistance to them.   As of the end of 2016 we are still installing tooling and improving our capabilities.  More information will be coming....