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The Saberwing Experimental Airplane Kit

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     Our engines are currently installed in over a dozen different aircraft makes and we are steadily increasing that number.   If your airplane design is not on the list and there is enough demand, we can manufacture parts for that design.


     If you need individual components or parts for FWF repairs you may find them on this page. 


If you need to purchase any of these products please call us or contact us through email to process payments and details concerning your purchases.  You will receive a receipt for any purchases or deposits. 

Checks can be mailed to:

Azalea Aviation LLC                                            1301 W. Rountree St.  Quitman, Georgia 31643

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Warranty and Return Policies

Azalea Aviation LLC Return Policy (2013)


As a small business let us caution you that you are purchasing an EXPERIMENTAL engine and/or parts and as such it does not carry liability or warranty as may be typical.  We do guarantee our labor and parts other than normal wear for a year.  Premature wear or damage can occur if non-standard installations or carelessness happens during the installation and break-in.  As such the purchaser assumes all liability for the installation and use of the engine.  If there are any perceived or indications of problems, please contact us right away so we can help you.   (2013)

Policy update: 05/2021

Azalea Aviation has grown over the years. The simple policy statement above has been found to be inadequate to the challenges now existing in a more connected world. This update is effective immediately.


If any returns are requested of the company (Azalea Aviation, LLC), they must be preceded by a letter of intent, request (email acceptable) and include the operational history of the item.  Once a product has been approved for return shipment to us and examined by our staff, an evaluation of the product will be provided to the customer with a opportunity for further clarification.  Our evaluation may include a value for refund if we choose to approve a refund.  Simply returning an item does not mean a refund is due.  Unused returns in perfect condition from purchase may be considered for a refund of up to 75% of its purchase price.  Any wear and tear, damage or expiration date on an item will reduce its value and it will be at the discretion of Azalea Aviation to assign it a value for the customer to consider.  If the customer does not want to accept the terms offered, the item will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense – including any costs Azalea Aviation incurred to process the inspection and evaluation.  


                Deposits placed on any products carried by Azalea Aviation are non-refundable unless reconsidered at the discretion of Azalea Aviation.  Much of what we do is custom work and there is time and labor that cannot be “recovered”.   There are instances where the deposit or purchase of an item (example: an engine or Saberwing kit) may not yet have been delivered to the customer: when the customer’s personal situation changes and they can no longer continue the project or have need of the product.  In these situations, we cannot simply return any monies and time invested into these products.  However, Azalea Aviation will attempt to find a middle ground in passing the product/project to another interested customer.  When successful, 75% of the initial investment can often be returned. However; it may take time to locate an acceptable customer match, depending on the complexity of the project.  As a custom engine and aircraft designer and builder, we are in a “dream” business and the risk of lost investment or deposits should be understood by all in this field.  Azalea Aviation will not warrantee any items sold to customers that have been worked on by outside people, including the customer.  The customer willingly took on the responsibility of maintaining the product at the time of purchase, and assumes the risk and cost of the maintenance or build.


Currently, our stance at Azalea Aviation is to collaborate with customers on a business basis by phone or mail/email only.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and any others are not places in which we conduct actual business.  We consider social media platforms to be for entertainment, education and fun.  They are easily misused and, lacking context, misinterpreted.   We believe that talking directly to a customer and concluding any agreement is best done verbally, and then composed on paper or in email to have a clearly written intent between parties.