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Below you will find many parts and products that you may find helpful for building your own Corvair Aircraft conversion engine or parts for one you already own. These parts are usually readily available and can be shipped worldwide.  Some may require core deposits. Because they are experimental in nature there is no warranty and the purchaser assumes all liability. Call or email for availability and shipping times on all orders.

PARTS LIST PDF - Click to View/Download


Get a head start on your conversion with the best complete shortblock that incorporates the robust IFB (Integral Front Bearing).   You receive a rebuilt case with the front bearing housing integrated into it.  The crankshaft is one piece assembly that has been reground, nitrided, and balanced.  The thrust is now carried at the front of the motor near the prop hub.  If you choose a NEW Crankshaft there may be a lead time.  New Crankshafts are quality ISO certified forged, counterweighted, balanced, nitrided, and "gun" drilled.  Our 120 Crankshaft is stroked 1/4".  The simplicity of the IFB design also reduces the parts count down to the absolute minimum.   Simplicity and strength are key components to the IFB.   The Case is assembled with new bearings, OT10 (or your choice) camshaft, new gear, and torqued to specifications.   Cores needed or core charge applied. Check out the Spyder IFB Info page for details about this design....IFB Inf


100 HP IFB - 3200.00  (Stock Crank)

100 HP IFB - 4000.00    (New Crank)

120 HP IFB - 4300.00   (New Crank)


Rebuilt Corvair Head Assemblies 


Here at our shop we disassemble and clean good Corvair heads to prepare them for rebuild.   Exhaust stacks are removed and cleaned.  Ports are cleaned. We remove the carb flange and weld on intake pipes that mate up with our intake manifold kit.  A significant amount of milling is done to allow them to cool better and look better.  New bronze valve guides are installed, along with new valves, springs, and seals.   Three angle valve cut is performed to the seats.  Seats can be replace when necessary or on request.  Our prices depend on your request.  Typical rebuild of your heads (pair) is $1300  or outright for $1,700 (availability limited).



These covers are cleaned and modified to work on Aircraft conversion engines.  Primed and painted black.  Powder coating and custom colors available. Comes with clips and hardware.  

This 32 Amp Rear Alternator/Starter kit brings simplicity and dependability to your engine.  The alternator is driven right off the crankshaft eliminating belts and brackets.  The starter and ring gear are also simple installations and are easily replaceable from local auto parts stores.   This kit allows you to reduce the weight of the engine as well.  External voltage regulator, installation instructions, and new hardware are included.  (Core desired)

Engraved top covers with hardware

Custom Wire Kit - made to lengths / labeled

Baffles are sandblasted, primed, painted.  Comes with clips.  Can be customized per order.


These tubes are checked for oxidation, cleaned, and zinc-chromated.  They are then painted with a high temp white paint.  Seals available as well.  (core)


Points/Electronic DISTRIBUTOR 
The distributor is rebuilt with dual bushings or ball bearing, polished shaft, recurved advance, Points/Electronic Points plate, new rotor and cap and tested on a distributor machine.  Comes with installation instructions and service information. (Dual points also available)(core needed)

We also carry standard engine parts such as cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, gasket kits, seals, and more.   We also purchase cores and engines on a limited basis.