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The Saberwing - By the Numbers.....

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The Saberwing was designed to be an amateur-built experimental aircraft with the capability of operating within a wide speed range.  The use of different powerplants will allow this range to grow and increase the capabilities of the design.   The following numbers are the current design and tested data for a 100 HP Spyder Conversion Engine installation.   As new variants of the Saberwing are tested we will show that information.


Empty weight             750 Lbs.               

Gross Weight              1500 Lbs.

Useable weight            750 Lbs.

Top Speed (Vne)          200 MPH

Stall Speed - Clean       52 MPH

Stall Speed - Flaps        45 MPH

Horsepower                  100 HP with Spyder Corvair Conversion

Fuel Capacity                40 Gallons    14 Gal per wing/ 12 Gallon Header

Cruise                        150 MPH at 5.0 Gal/Hr.

Length                         20 Feet

Wingspan                      26 Feet      9 Feet of Flap area

Wing Area                    92 Sq.Ft.   16.2 lbs./sq.ft at gross

Best Climb                    90 MPH

Cruise Climb                120 MPH

Approach speed            80 MPH

Takeoff distances are being checked at this time but 750-1000' is nominal.   Takeoff distance is more of a propeller selection issue.  There is good rudder control as soon at the tail is in the air (taildragger version)   Takeoff speed on the Taildragger is @75mph and rotate to 120mph climb attitude.  

Landing  distances with 30 degrees of flap are less than 1000 feet.  Touchdown is around 75 mph in the taildragger version - will be less on the tricycle version because of higher relative angle of attack that can be achieved.   We designed for a 60 mph touchdown minimum with full flaps.  Rollout is very short due to very effective brakes and good stability.

Cabin information:   The cabin is 43" wide at the shoulders and has enough room for people well over 6 feet tall.   The rudder pedals are adjustable for a variety of builders/pilots.   The seats can be configured as bucket (prototype) with or without a console, and as a bench seat arrangement.    The visibility is amazing with a large opening canopy for easy egress.  The canopy can be configured to open a variety of ways according to builder taste.   The prototype is set up with dual rudders and brakes to accommodate right seat pilots.   The cabin is very quiet because of the design.  In-flight checks show an average of 85 Decibels.

Controls:  The controls are set up a dual, stick with a removable right stick if requested.  The aileron and elevator operate via a push-pull arrangement of pushrods.  The rudder and tailwheel operated via cables.  Flight loads are fairly light but increase as speed builds up. 

        We will add more as testing continues....