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This is a quick introduction into the design of the Saberwing kit.  Information will be updated as we progress with the kit process.

Philosophy:  KISS (Keep It Simply Silly )   and MVP (Maximum Visual Progress)  are at the heart of this design.  Although not a quick build it will go together very quickly but gives you a lot of room for your own input.

"Build into the plane..."

The fuselage kit comes as a "boat" that you build into.  The first order of business once you receive the kit is to install the main spar (7 feet long) and bolt on the landing gear. or set up on blocks.  The seats can then be installed and the major bulkheads cut and put into place.    It is all done with very simple mixing of basic epoxy and flox, and very simple reinforcements.  The progress will be quick and the visual results encouraging.  Below are some pictures of the building of the prototype.   Kit components are becoming available this year.

A simple overview of major parts:

Fuselage going together:

     Spars installed and main controls...

     Installing seats and dreaming about panel....

    Hanging rudder pedals ...console designing

Horizontal/Elevator Assembly - skin in background

  Gear installation and beginning stub wings

  Installing controls/wiring/antennas

  Installing panel/wiring/fuel/FWF

    Wing assembled - bodywork prior to cutouts


It is easy to walk around and build "into" the plane. 

  Final bodywork on Fuselage before primer

   Final Primer and paint

Many hours later....Finished and ready for flight!

Maybe a cool paint job will be next.....